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Civic Trust Award 2011

Hull History Centre

Hull History Centre won a 2011 Civic Trust Award - one of 27 buildings that won awards. The citation said:

"Housing collections of both local and national significance that date back over seven hundred years, The City and the University of Hull have united their Archives and Local Studies resources in a pioneering partnership in this unique centre which is open to all. Its spectacular yet functional undulating wave covered arcade ripples along the length of the building and is divided into inner and outer areas which help unite the natural landscaping with the main two-storey building. Good design and quality materials have led to generous, uncluttered and easy to navigate interiors that are elegantly proportioned and excellently detailed. This unique building is a superb solution to very complex need, contributing to the public realm it has been unanimously welcomed by the people of Hull and Humberside." 

Hull History Centre Civic Trust Award
Hull History Centre - Civic Trust Award