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Hull History Centre praised in HLF review of first 100 projects to receive a major award

Review of Hull History Centre by the Heritage Lottery Fund

Hull History Centre was used as a case study in the Heritage Lottery Fund's review of the first 100 projects to receive a major award from the HLF.

"The building itself represents a remarkable achievement. The build went smoothly and finished on budget. The design is very contemporary and, although it was somewhat controversial on the grounds that it was so modern for a ‘heritage’ space, it has already become a popular icon of the city, and has won a Civic Trust award as a project that “makes an outstanding contribution to the quality and appearance of the environment”. 

"The impact of the project is easy to discern: the archives are now much more accessible, and receiving around 30,000 visitors a year, which makes it one of the busiest archives in the country, outside London. And while the quality of the collection was previously known only to a select few, it has now been embraced much more by the city. “People feel a sense of ownership of the archive now”, says Green, and the University has a much stronger profile in the centre of the city."