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The power of performance has a life enriching impact on the lives of all those it touches. Each consultant at AMPC has an empathy with this, resulting in the studio being a great stimulus for creative design for the Performing Arts. The team of highly talented and experienced practitioners of opera, ballet, music and theatre use their fluency and inventiveness to design spaces and equipment that will serve the performance to the highest degree. 

All the consultants have theatrical related interests which fuel their work, ranging from jazz performance to choral work, choreography to scenic history and they have worked together for 10 years. Anne has a vocal performing background, giving her an innate sense of the acoustical performance space.

Performance allows for exploration and experimentation to go beyond the conventional: that is what distinguishes us. We instinctively design and emulate a passionate commitment to each scheme undertaken.

AMPC provides advice on all aspects of gathering spaces.


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    We are an award winning, experienced studio of architects and designers who are passionate about place making.  Our portfolio is diverse, but our approach is singular: we make sure that our projects deliver. Throughout, we focus on the project's needs and the client's desires.  We are open and hardworking. We establish trusted relationships. We are valued for getting to the heart – and soul – of a building.

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