Arts & Civic

Palestra Sustainability Project

Southwark, London

In 2009 as an extension to the main Palestra fit out project we were commissioned by TfL to produce a display to explain the sustainability enhancements that were made to the Palestra building and to show in real time the difference these measures made to the buildings performance.

As part of the Palestra fit out project we had already made the first moves to promote some of these new initiatives to the public face of the building. The new 200 kW fuel cell was located in the former ground floor entrance to the LDA known as the ‘pod’ and we designed the associated 80 cubic meter thermal store to sit in the basement of the building and project through the pavement next to the pod at the entrance to the building.

We worked with Land Design Studios, ISO and King Shaw to interpret the raw data from the building management and metering systems and create presentation material to be displayed on 6 interactive screens mounted behind the ‘shop window’ of the pod.

Client Name
80 sq.m