Current Projects

Whitgift School New Classroom Block


Phase 1 of the Whitgift School masterplan implementation comprises four discreet projects that respond to immediate pressing needs and enable the implementation of later phases of the vision. The projects include a new 3G Pitch, rationalisation of parking and vehicle circulation, a new classroom block and a covering to the smaller of the two existing quads. The aims of the masterplan are to bring about improvements that will result in an enhanced and sustainable school environment through simple and practical interventions.

A new classroom block at the first floor level of ‘A Block’, accessed from the existing ‘History’ corridor, will provide 5 classrooms of comparable size to the Andrew Block rooms, able to accommodate up to 28 pupils.

By providing good quality classrooms, the extension would give needed flexibility and provide an interim home for departments that need to be relocated in order to achieve the masterplan long term goals. The extension would only partly respond to the school’s pressing space needs as a discrete element of the masterplan and optimises the limited available land through very efficient use of space.

The proposed structure would be built over an existing 1960’s extension. The ground floor rooms are currently used as offices and languages classrooms for smaller groups; in the context of the masterplan, the long term use of these rooms is being reconsidered and they will be used for activities more appropriate to their size and configuration.

The structure would provide a covered route leading to the dining room and, associated with the removal of coach parking from this area, generates a new amenity space dominated by the ancient cedar that gives it its name – effectively transforming the service yard into a place with its own identity.

The rooms will be natural ventilated by means of high level openable windows and buoyancy ventilation stacks at the rear.