Current Projects

Little Millfield


PRS were appointed in December 2020 by LB Hackney to consider the potential to redevelop three Grade II listed buildings near Hackney Marshes for use by the LBH Housing Maintenance department as their new consolidated facility. These three buildings are currently on the Historic England ‘At Risk Register’. They were built in 1901 as a Disinfection Centre where whole families would be able to stay in the central block whilst all their clothes and belongings were able to be fumigated in the main building to the rear of the site. Remarkably, the building was operational until the late 90’s, although towards the end it was to clean charity clothing.

Following a detailed appraisal of the existing heritage and various meetings with LB Hackney’s Conservation Officer, a scheme that could contain the majority of the Housing Maintenance department was agreed on and is currently undergoing review by the council pending further development.