Auriol and Kensington Rowing Club

Hammersmith, London

The Auriol and Kensington Rowing Club have facilities fronting directly onto the River Thames on the north bank, just adjacent to Hammersmith Bridge. 

Pringle Richards Sharratt were approached with a view to increasing and modernising their existing building in part as a response to the increasing number of women club members. 

The scheme reorganised the disposition of the facilities in the club, expanding the gym and training area with new changing rooms and showers, relocated the bar to the second floor where there are better views and balconies, and obtained planning permission for an additional floor at the top of the building, with a generous terrace overlooking the river. The new floor contains a large party space, which the Club can be let out for events and weddings. The revenue from this space contributes largely towards the redevelopment costs providing very valuable income for the club. 

The new terrace is designed for a capacity crowd of 200 people on Boat Race Day.

468 sq.m