Morning Lane

Hackney, London

Following an invited competition we were appointed by Manhattan Loft to design two, four storey, landmark retail buildings on Morning Lane forming part of a wider project known as the ‘Hackney Fashion Hub’; an important retail led regeneration initiative that includes the fit out of the railway viaduct arches as retail units and formation of new public amenity space between the retail buildings and Morning Lane.

These highly sculpted buildings announce the hub on the Hackney skyline in addition to providing the broad range of facilities necessary to create and sustain a vibrant and active buzz to the area. Bookending the public amenity space, the buildings are presented as a pair – twins but not identical twins – with a strong family resemblance encouraging their reading as part of a single composition that responds to the linear nature of Morning Lane.

The layouts of the buildings include double height glazed ‘nose cones’, essentially transparent lanterns at either side of the amenity space. At the upper level a distinctive band of gold ribbon garlands the head of each building, forming a screen to roof mounted plant including PV panels.

The design development, visualisation and co-ordination of both buildings were carried out using a BIM to level 2.

2,467 sq.m
£3.8 million