Urban Planning

Whitgift School Masterplan

Croydon, London

PRS has was appointed as architects to develop and implement a 5-10 year masterplan for Whitgift school in May 2018, entailing an assessment of the current condition and options for future development.

The masterplan was formulated following an extensive analysis of the school’s existing grounds and building along with a space utilisation/efficiency assessment. The aims of the masterplan are to bring about improvements that will result in an enhanced school environment through simple and practical interventions.  No increase in school numbers is proposed.

In response to the issues identified and in dialogue with the school,  Pringle Richards Sharratt developed a masterplan identifying potential improvements for the short, medium and long term.

The main elements of the masterplan are:

  • Rationalisation of vehicle circulation and parking, by providing a new access from Haling Park road and new carpark for staff, contractors and repeat visitors to the west of the site.
  • Additional and improved teaching spaces through a new extension to the main building,  and a new sixth form centre building on the site of the existing works yard.
  • Provision of new social and gathering spaces by covering over the Biology Quad.
  • Provision of new external informal activity spaces in the form of a new all weather pitch, new Junior School playground and a new ‘Senior Quad’ in the location of existing Gallery carpark.
  • An improved setting of the main building by restoring the Terrace to its original intended form.
  • An improved arts complex, including a new theatre and improved music school.
  • Landscape measures, such as tree planting, that contribute to better air quality on the site.