Bastion House, London Wall

City of London

The practice was appointed by the Corporation of London to carry out the appraisal of development options and the redevelopment of Bastion House, part of a building complex that includes the Museum of London in the City.
Bastion House was built between 1972 and 1977 as part of the Barbican Development and consists of a seventeen storey office tower on top of part of the Museum’s display space. It is used as offices, but small storey heights and short structural spans limit its usefulness.   
Services supply both the tower and the museum and are reaching the end of their useful life: they will need to be replaced as part of the redevelopment, allowing the two entities to operate independently.  
The initial study appraised a number of options, including minor refurbishment of the existing tower, major refurbishment and redevelopment of the existing buildings.  The study also made an assessment of the commercial viability of different options and building uses, including an option to redevelop the museum as well.
The ground and first floor entrance and servicing arrangements will were re-appraised as part of the overall study.
After presentation of these options the Corporation elected to carry out a simple refurbishment of the tower through a developer.

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