County Hall Japanese Restaurant

Lambeth, London

The Ozu Japanese Restaurant was relocated in County Hall, Riverside Building in 2006. It is located in the semi-circular first floor wing overlooking Big Ben and the River Thames. The restaurant seats 120 people and has a separate 18 seat sushi bar, and a 24 seat teppanyaki bar, with a 10 seat VIP table, and cocktail bar.

County Hall is a grade II* listed building, and famous for its timber panelled rooms, which were at the central core of the new design for the restaurant. Every effort was made to preserve the existing architectural quality and material condition of the rooms. New timber floors have been laid over the existing parquet floors, to protect them from the harsh cooking environment of the sushi and teppanyaki bars. 

The complex ductwork and services are shrouded in sinuous plastered forms, with a geometric ally strong relationship to the existing ornamental plastered ceilings, while the panelling was cleaned and lightened, and treated with fire resisting finish. 

The entire installation was carried out in such a way that the original building fabric would not be damaged by the new works, and could be returned to the original format, if required at a later time.

350 sq.m